John’s mom, Nancy, has said for years:
“We just knew John would be in the Entertainment Business. When he was almost 5 years old he’d be going
around the house interviewing anyone who would let him-with a pencil as his microphone-and then he’d later
play DJ” and introduce all the latest Hits that were playing on his record player”. Well, John is still “playing the
Hits’, as a performer for His DJ company, and on the Radio.

Between those early years and now, John has sang in the School and Church Choirs-was a featured “soloist”,
Fronted his own Singing group, had lead roles in various school and community productions, was a High School
All American Athlete, received the coveted “Superintendents Award” for Outstanding High School
accomplishments, Graduated from Southern Connecticut State University, became involved in various
organizations in his Hometown of Guilford, Ct, and would eventually land his first “dream job”-as a DJ on the radio.
John has worked at Great Radio stations over the years: WPLR, WKCI, WAVZ, WELI, WEZN, WDRC,
WYNY in New York, and He is currently on WWYZ in Hartford. John’s accomplishments in Radio Broadcasting are
many, but one in which he is most proud is being named one of the “Nations Top Radio Personalities
And Music Directors’ by BILLBOARD Magazine-several times. He has also been named “Citizen of the Year” in his
Hometown and received the prestigious “Paul Harris Award” from Rotary International for his “Outstanding service
to the Community”.

In addition to being the President and Owner of John Saville Entertainment Company Inc. and an On Air Radio
Personality on WWYZ in Hartford, Ct., John is also the Head Fitness Trainer for Planet Fitness in Branford, Ct-
The largest one in the nation. He is married to Patty Kiser Saville, and she is the Vice President of Sales and
Marketing for Corporate Partners in Avon, Ct.
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